Jewellery Technology Forum 2016: Design and production of digital jewellery: the parameters for innovation


The digital revolution is evolving quickly, changing the rules of the game for production, communication, and commercialization of goods at an international level.

Jewellery has become the focus in the new maker scenario, as experimental products feature spectacular shapes, rich openwork patterns, algorithms able to create forms that weave together into convoluted, complex shapes and structures that could never have been made before. These objects have been engineered down to the finest details and reflect the immense potential for innovation, but often fail to become genuine pieces of jewellery.


In this presentation, Beatriz Biagi explores the potential of new technologies for the design and production of jewellery that can be a valid answer to the needs and expectations of the end customer. Analysing the product and commercial trends, Biagi looks into the design parameters and critical elements to be considered in Jewellery Design.


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